I was hacked!!! (Eh. A guest post by Kellyn Roth!)

So, I wasn’t really hacked, but here is a guest post by Kellyn Roth!

Hello ladies and gents!

First off, thanks so much, Kaylee, for hosting me on your blog! *waves wildly* I’m so excited to share my new Reveries with you … and it’s amazing that Kaylee was willing to give me a hand with that! *applause for Kaylee*

Second, today I’m going to tell you a few things that I wish I’d known when I started blogging. Newbies inevitably make mistakes—and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that!

However, I think some of those mistakes can be prevented … and hopefully this post will help YOU be a better blogger than I was when I first begun almost three years ago.

#1: Beautiful = eye-catching = readers will stay longer!

It’s an inconvenient truth … people always do judge the book by the cover. And the blog by its design.

So make sure your blog is as beautiful as it can be. Make it easy to navigate, gentle on the eyes, and aesthetically appealing.

At the same time, never let the looks of the blog draw the eye away from the post. This means neutral colors are oftentimes better.

Black/dark gray text and white/cream background is always a good idea for the actual posts if you are able to edit that (usually blogs will automatically have a similar look).

Make sure your navigational menu is at the top where readers expect it to be. And above all
, don’t make it hard to find your posts and pages or to get from one to the next!

#2: Graphics and Pictures.

You may blog because you’re trying to improve your writing skills or because you enjoy putting your words on the web for others to read … but you still need pretty graphics and pictures!

A blog post that is straight text is no fun! Include some related images and cute little dividers.

Also, be sure to make a graphic that has your post’s title as well as the link to your blog (e.g. 5 Things I Wish I’d Known When I Started Blogging over a picture of a computer or some other related image with kellynroth.blog in a matching font).

My favorite site for blog graphics is Canva.com. It’s simple and easy-to-use, but still helps you design a qualify image for your blog post.

Be sure to spend a little time looking up font matches and whatnot. You can search this kind of thing on Google and find tons of blog posts and whatnot on typography. Do it! A professional graphic is always important.

#3: Double and triple check for grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes.

YES, grammar and punctuation and whatnot MATTER.

“Adfdjf!!kl bicklebuck, cheesee,,, whatttt?!??” may make sense to you, but not to the average reader. If he/she can’t understand what you’re saying, then you will lose a potential follower! (unless they speak whatever language bicklebuck is …)

At the same time, it’s not the end of the world if you have a couple typos. Sometimes you just need to get it as good as it can get and then hit “Publish.” Your best is good enough … but it should still be your best.

#4: It’s SUPER important to interact!

Ask questions at the end of your post to prompt conversations.

Answer all the comments—and don’t be afraid to be relaxed. Stiff and formal rarely makes friends!

Become a follower on other blogs—and try to be a good follower. Read all their posts and be sure to comment, like, and share when applicable.

Don’t just meet people who come to you. Get out there and meet new people! (Don’t worry; they don’t bite. Usually. 😛 )

If you don’t reach out to others, chances are your blog is never going to grow—or at least not all that quickly. Besides, making friends is by far the best thing about blogging.

Maybe making friends with random people online isn’t something you’re interested in. However, not only is it loads of fun, but your blogging friends are someday going to be your support group!

Look at it this way. Someday you’re going to publish a book, launch a blog, need beta-readers, or some other help from bloggers. And guess who’s going to be there for you?

That’s right; your blogging friends! They’re going to be totally down for participating in a blog tour (like Kaylee is right now!) or reviewing your novel or whatever. You see, they’re your friends … and friends help friends!

Also, you’ll probably get opportunities to join blog tours or review books or whatever. I say take ‘em! Not only are you giving someone a hand and making an important connection … but you’re getting extra publicity for your blog (in the case of a tour) or getting to read a fun book (in the case of a review/beta-read).

#5: You don’t always have to be a complete professional.
To me, blogging is something I do to relax more so than anything. It’s just, well, fun! There’s so much that is enjoyable about writing blog posts, publishing them, reading blog posts, and interacting with others!
For me, it took a long time for me to develop my blogging voice because I insisted upon being a pro all the time. I was formal and stiff … but it just wasn’t me.
My #1 piece of advice to any blogger would be … Just Do What Feels Right.
In my blog posts, I like to goof off and make silly jokes and mess with formatting and have lots of references. I am generally pretty casual and laid-back. Because … that’s me. That’s Kell.
If you’re going to be writing lots of blog posts over the years, chances are you’ll have more fun with it if you get to fully express yourself. And expressing yourself isn’t always professional.
Professional makes me think of a faceless entity. And with blogging, you can’t be that! You have to be a real person.
Even if you aren’t willing to reveal your face or personal details or such (and neither should you unless you’re 100% sure you want to risk it!), there’s no reason why you can’t cultivate that realness, both through your conversations with others and through your writing.
And there you have it, folks! I hope this post helped you a little. Don’t be afraid to head over to my blog and ask me questions about blogging or writing or anything of that sort! Always glad to help. ❤
Kellyn Roth
Hey, it’s me, Kaylee!
When I saw that Kellyn was doing a blog tour for her new Reveries I was really excited, so I signed up, but I didn’t expect to be hacked!
So, what do you think of Kell’s post? I know I liked it! (I almost like her blog posts more than her books)
I always enjoy her posts and can’t wait for more!
See you tomorrow if I get my blog back. (Has anyone ever told you writers are sneaky?)
Oh, and before I forget, Kell is doing a GIVEAWAY!!! (Of books a.k.a. the best thing you could win!)

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About Reveries

And The Basics are…

Reveries is moving from kellynroth.wordpress.com and reveriesreviews.wordpress.com to kellynroth.blog. New site, new look, same content!

Kell’s launch tour includes a six-novel historical romance giveaway, featuring novels by Tamera Alexander, Faith Blum, Kellyn Roth (the blogger), Karen Witemeyer, Linda Ellen, and Sarah Sundin.

About the Content:

What’s posted on Reveries?

About Kell’s life as a writer and in general, ramblings about her books and characters, thoughts on Christianity, writing (and other authoring) advice, book & movie reviews, author interviews, blog tours, and occasional blogging tips.

Basically, it’s a jumble of fun stuff! With the new launch, Kell has changed up a bit to include the following categories …

This is basically Kell’s excuse to talk about her writing. She tries not to do this too often, but that’s tough when her plot and characters are so large in her mind!

This is Reveries’s “everything and anything” category. Oftentimes it will end up being announcements or some such, but occasionally it also includes posts like Kell’s “Review of California.”

Because making fun of Cali is our #1 priority at Reveries (not) (said the liar) (whhhaaaat?).

Ah, bookworms unite! Here there will be reviews and interviews, talks about reading, and other fangirling. Beware the crazy girlish squealing!

The “noveling advice” category includes not only advice about, well, noveling, but tips for blogging, publishing, and all those fun writer-related things.

Excerpts, short stories, poems, and the like! “A Bit of Story” is a place to find Kell’s writings in all shapes and sizes—but mostly excerpts. Because excerpts are fun.

A more recent category, this is a place for Kell to talk about what is central to her very being—her faith!

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