This Thing Called Freedom

Freedom is too hard won,
By so few, cared for yet, after
Gone missed so by all,
Too little noticed, cared for yet, little
Thought of but by few
This thing called freedom that’s hard won.

Who give their all for this thing
Called freedom, they even give
Their own to give us that freedom
Freedom that is too hard
Fought for by too few that are
Given too little freedom themselves.

Freedom that many toss to the wind
Independence was won in 1776
Real freedom was not won until 1862
This thing called freedom that
Many have never seen or will see.

Freedom still fought for now
Few fight for this thing called freedom
Freedom that’s sweet, and calm
Freedom so sweet, so precious, so wanted,

Many would surrender, this thing
Called freedom, but few will always fight
For this thing called freedom.



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