Get to Know Me Writer’s Tag!

I was tagged to do the super cool “Get to know me Writer’s Tag” by PerAnna @ life without a latte

Rules: (Fun! AND I mean it!!!)

Link back to the person who created the tag: Savannah
Thank the person that tagged you: PerAnna
Share the tag graphic below: I did indeed!
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Appearances… (But-but, do I need to answer these?)

Names: (Pen name) A. Kaylee Harrison, (real name) Abigail (I know of between ten to twenty other Abigails).

Nicknames: Gator, Agail, and Swister (my younger brother who is often mistaken as my twin.)

Birthday: Sometimes falls on Thanksgiving!

Hair Color and Length: Dirty blonde/brown, length depends on if it’s wet at all if so it goes to the middle of my back, otherwise it’s just at my shoulders.

My baby brother and I a while back.

Eye Color: Hazel or so I’m told!

Braces/Piercings/Tattoos: I have very uneven ear piercings.

Righty or Lefty: You are totally right . . . no, actually it’s left!

Ethnicity: Unsure!



First… (Umm . . . )

Novel Written:  I’m writing a spy thriller, about:

A prince looking for his brother’s killer.
A spy looking for forgiveness.
A king looking out for his family.
A widow looking for love.
A queen looking for peace.

(That is an old blurb, and not quite accurate now!)

A. Kaylee Harrison

Novel Completed: Hopefully later this year or early next year!

Award for Writing: I got third place in a contest with one of my poems! Does that count?

Publication: Not yet!

Conference: Nope! Maybe one day!

Query/Pitch: Maybe/Not yet.


Favorites… (Easy as pie!)

Novel (That You Wrote): It is not yet written!

Genre: Historical, Christian fiction and nonfiction, and anything in between, but mostly historical.

Authors: Kellyn Roth, Sarah Holman, Chautona Havig, Jaye L. Knight, Jane Austen, Sir Arthur Doyle, G. A. Henty, and too many more!

Writing Music: The soundtracks from Pride and Prejudice, Princess Bride, and Braveheart though I’ve never watched the movie and don’t care to. As well as classical music.

Time to Write: At night before bed, or in the car.

Writing Snack/Drink: Homemade sweet or hot tea, Raspberry tea from Sonic, or a bottled Peach tea that is best right out of the bottle. If you can’t tell I love tea of any kind!

Movie: Pride and Prejudice, I guess, I don’t really care for movies much. I like some tv shows though.

Writing Memory: It’s recent but watching my Mom when I might kill off a character that was completely safe! but hey, it’s getting me chocolate! (My Facebook post after this was this: Mom and I have a deal. I don’t kill anyone off in my short story and I get chocolate!)

Childhood Books: Wheel on the School, The Christmas Doll, and more but those are two of my favorites!

Currently Reading: Kate’s Conundrum by Sarah Holman, Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand, Hope for the Adoption Journey by Katherine Piper, and in the Bible I’m reading Proverbs. Don’t judge how many books I’m reading!

Writing: Several things, I’m finishing up a short story for a contest on NN, getting ready for NaNoWriMo, writing parts of other WsIP, and ten or twelve blog posts! Oh, and another short story, I’m a bit in over my head, aren’t I?

Listening to: Rend Collective’s I Will Be Undignified. Which I love Rend Collective so it’s a given that I listen to them at least once a week.



Future… (Man, that can be a scary word!)

Want to be published? Yes, I would love to get published!

Indie or Traditional? Indie, because I don’t want to give up the rights to my babies! It’s not totally crazy to say that is it?

Wildest goal? Get one of my novels finished and turned into a movie, that would be totally awesome! I also hope to own a farm, have a family, adopt, and be a published author! Sounds like a goal to me, what do you think?



I tag: (Fun, Fun, Fun!)

I tag . . . ANYONE who reads this!




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