Review Requests on my Review Blog!

Last month I opened Review Requests for 2019!

Click here!

Want to know more? Keep reading!
I am already booked for the rest of 2018
Have a novel, novella, novelette, or short story coming out in 2019? Make a review request!
Or want to get a new review on a novel, novella, novelette, or short story, you’ve had out a little while? Make a review request!
I will not read or review: horror, paranormal, or books that have ghosts, angels, magic or such. Graphic violence, sexuality, or swearing. If the book in no way honors God I will not read or review it!
The book must have Christian content, no subjects for an audience older than sixteen, (Would you want a younger sibling or your children to read it? If so please make a review request! If not please do not make a review request!)

I have one more place open in January!



    1. Hi, John! Thank you for making a review request!

      I’m sorry, but I can not review your book as I consider “powers” as you mention in the blurb of your book to be magic and as in my form I do not read magical books.

      Happy writing and if you write something new that falls in line with my guidelines I hope to read it!


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