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Guess what? I guest posted on a writing friend’s blog! Check it out here!

Bella Putt

Today’s post is a poem written by A. Kaylee. The style Kaylee uses in this poem is so nice, and it’s different from most of the poetry I write. I know you’ll love it!

A. Kaylee is sixteen and writes under the pen name Kaylee since Abigail is a pretty popular name. She does writing, blogging, at Kayleeskindofwrites.blogspot.com and https://kayleeskindofwrites20.wordpress.com/. She’s a Christian homeschooling bookworm, With One Amazing Savior, Two great parents, Three Brothers, Four Sisters.

My Norm

The pain of losing you;

Still, I feel it.

Even now so long gone.

Yet, yesterday I felt

You were here

With me.

I was sure you would be

With me

Until my end.

Even then


I look for you

Until I remember

You’re now gone

And still, I will

Love you,

Even ‘til

The end of my days.

No matter

When my end

Comes, you are

My first thought


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