Why Are We Afraid To Be Christian Artists?

This post is so right!

Jane Austen's Lightsaber


Hello dudes and dudettes! Today we’re going to discuss a topic that’s been tugging on my mind for a while now.

I’ve noticed for a while that there are people in the artist community. Every art form. Particularly I’ve noticed, in the writer and singer community.

People who have said that they are Christians, are now saying that they are not “Christian writers” or “Christian singers”. And they don’t advertise they’re writing or music as such.

Why is this? What is the reason for this movement away from being a Christian artist?

I’ve heard a lot of reasons.

Some say it’s because being Christian is a label.


Why is that bad?

I am a Christian.

Label me as one!


I’ve heard a lot of writers say they don’t call themselves a Christian writer (I’m just using writer but this applies to all art forms) because of the “stigma” attached to…

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