Fiction Friday!

And this is the second Fiction Friday! I thought that maybe I should do something that involves you — my readers — so, I decided that I would post a picture and a writing prompt. And you post in a comment a  300 to 500 word flash fiction not counting the prompts and I will do one later too!

Glass, Broken, Fragmented, Hole, Crack, Disc, Window

Your character sees their younger sister carrying a random stray cat into the house like it belongs.


And those are the prompts! I look forward to your story!



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  1. This is so perfect because in my already published book, my main character has both a younger sister and a cat!!…
    The front door banged shut, followed by the distinct patter of small feet. I rolled over and looked at the clock between my and CJ’s bed. Caitlin was up early. I reached for the glass of water on the nightstand.
    Then I froze.
    Caitlin was standing in the bedroom doorway holding what looked like a dirty rag.
    Then it lifted its head and tried to meow, but it came out as a moan.
    I had no way of knowing that was a trademark of Siamese cats. Half-awake staring at the doorway, I couldn’t tell it was a Siamese anyway. When it meowed I dropped my glass.
    I put a hand over my eyes and pretended not to be laughing.
    “Corey!” Caitlin repeated.
    “Okay, I know–I mean, I don’t know…” I slid out of bed and navigated carefully around the spilled water and broken glass to where Caitlin stood.
    The kitten was a rich tan with black edges and blue eyes.
    “He’s cute,” I offered politely, although I did mean it a little.
    “She,” Caitlin corrected.
    I reached my hand towards the kitten and it was like that flipped a switch. She vaulted out of Caitlin’s hands and came at me with all four paws’ worth of sharp baby claws. She didn’t miss her mark either.
    “Caitlin!” I yelped.
    CJ sat up, tossing his blanket aside and eyeing us quizzically.
    “Hey Siege,” I grunted, as the kitten rearranged her grip on my hands and dug her claws in again.
    “Hey…” he mumbled. “What’s goin’ on?”
    I shook the kitten free. She thumped to the floor and sauntered behind Caitlin. Caiti turned to watch her and she made her happy little way down the hallway.
    “Caiti found us a cat with…uh, a temper. Let’s get this mess cleaned up.”
    *and they did in fact live happily ever after*

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