Book Review of Dare You by Carol Moncado

Dare You (Crowns & Courtships #0.5)


She needs a fake boyfriend. He’s just daring enough to try to turn it into something more.

Betsy Haines is running away from a broken heart, but when she – along with her best friend, brother, and his best friend – arrive in Serenity Landing for the July 4 celebration, she finds herself the target of the affections of a creep.

Dare Weaver has been half in love with his best friend’s little sister for as long as he can remember. When she needs a pretend boyfriend, he’s only too happy to oblige. He finds himself daring to live up to his name – to try to turn something pretend into something permanent.



My Review: I’ve enjoyed quite a few of Moncado’s books and have yet to review them and so I am rectifying that now!

My Thoughts: This is my absolute favorite of the author’s books and I have read it several times. I love that it’s a realistic contemporary fairy-tale with a Christ-honoring romance. The shadows of worry, the love, and care between the characters, the ending are wonderfully woven together into this novella. There are more mature topics so I would suggest that if you are under 16/18 you have a trusted friend/parent read this before you. There is also some slight violence that is mostly under control and that was a slight spoiler. And a couple may have made a private bet. *smacks self on the forehead* *wishes to take back said spoiler* *is sad* *finishes review anyway*


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