A New Project to Tie in With Lit Boxes!!!

Introducing; Author Tours!

So I’ve been trying for a while to think of a way to share about some of my favorite authors more than just book reviews and I came up with the idea to do a week-long series of posts.

Day #1 we’ll have a post about the author, when their books were published, the author’s social media.

Day #2 we’ll have several book reviews. (If the author doesn’t have more than one book we’ll have one review.)

Day #3 we’ll have book spotlights.

Day #4 we’ll open a giveaway and have some more reviews.

Day #5 we’ll get to see what Lit Box I’ve built around the main book being featured.

Day #6 we’ll spotlight some of the themes of the book. (So, if there are mountains described in the book we’ll do a post about mountains.)

Day #7 we’ll have an author interview and links to the other posts to close off the tour.

Stay tuned for the first tour tonight!

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