I’m Back, What I’ve Done This Summer, Visited 6 States(?), Got A New Thing That I Hate, A Writing Flunk & Blogversary Coming Up!

Hey! My blogging schedule hasn’t stopped even though I did when my laptop broke and I got a unexpected break from blogging.

Now, I have my three quarters new laptop back and it works wonderfully.

I had quite a busy summer!

We went to a state park, went boating on the 4th, and again for my middle brother’s birthday along with tubing, lost our kitty cat Hope, took Mona (our super sweet beagle mix.) on a car ride, went to the beach. We went to SweetFrog and Ledo’s for a special lunch with Mom, celebrated Dad’s birthday, (more on that down a bit… :D), I made mini pizzas with Em after midnight, (smart, right?), made “homemade” McDonalds’ chicken sandwiches which were better then the real thing. Got a “Read Write Breathe” tee shirt, had some crazy boys photobomb my Instagram book photos, *sighs* Went to DC several times and Baltimore once and went to a free bookstore, got nearly 30 books! Went to my aunt’s baby shower, I’m so excited to meet my cousin this month. Scheduled enough blog posts so I’ll finish the year with 600 blog posts!!!! And I accomplished GTW 100-4-100!!!!!!!

Got my first phone, books in the mail, and got two cats that are adorable, (Max and Minnie.) Minnie loves rubbing her head against mine, and she’s so sweet! Watched some old Macgyver (the only good ones!), and a couple Hallmark movies. Love On Air was super sweet!!! Best Hallmark movie ever. *is watching another hallmark movie to wound down from the weekend now, lol*

I can’t forget that I did lots of blogging and review writing with my little man, my youngest brother, and he’s a superb editor… 😉

And I got some really really super super horribly bad pictures too, that I left unedited and, so yeah…

Then there was the not so fun bruised bone that has caused me to need a brace, along with the two turn downs for jobs I applied for which turned out to be a good thing. And if that’s not bad enough I got glasses.

Yessssssssssss, glasses. *frowns bittersweetly* *is a word, promise*  I have horrible sight but thankfully I can now see. I didn’t know that lights aren’t consistent fireworks and that colors were so bright, wow! It’s great to be able to see further than five feet.

I decided to push my Q&A back until Oct, got any questions you want answered?

Lastly, I went to 6 states in 3 days, we drove through Virginia, Tennessee, Kentucky, shortly drove in Ohio, and back home through West Virginia.

And read exactly 100 books.

During this time I’ve been in a writing flunk and haven’t written much more then short flash fictions and book reviews. I’m considering putting away writing.

I am looking forward to doing something for my blog’s birthday in October, any suggestions? I don’t want it to be about me, I want it to be about my readers, YOU!

What did you this summer? Have a lot of fun? Looking forward to Fall?



  1. Sounds like you had an awesome summer, Abigail!

    Questions . . .
    – What kind of chocolate do you prefer? (Milk, dark, etc.)
    – What is your favorite season?
    – What are a few of your current favorite songs?

    Liked by 1 person

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