600th post, A Survey, An Invite, A Question, A FREE Book, A Reading Challenge Or A Blog Tag, Two GIVEAWAYS, Some TBR Books, And Blog Posts To Come = Lots Of Information Here!


Do you know what this is? It’s our SIX HUNDREDTH POST!!!!!!!! Seriously, I never thought that I would be blogging nearly two years, or have 600 posts! *mumbles* Technically, this is my 601st post but whatever… Thank you for following this far and I hope you like this post!

First off, I need YOUR help!

31for31_ Blog Banner

Survey Here!

It is a survey to help me out with this Winter’s blog posts! (And this is the first giveaway . . . Anyone who does the survey is entered to win a surprise ebook bundle! Repeat: whoever does this survey is entered in the giveaway!!!)

Now for that invite I mentioned in the title . . . It is nearly time for the ever exciting Five Fall Favorites hosted by Rebekah Morris from Read Another Page!

Invitation (1).jpg

I hope you’ll join us this year, it’ll be so much fun!

Here’s the second and pretty neat giveaway: https://promosimple.com/ps/ea58/back-to-school-promo-2019

And the free book is here: https://amzn.to/2LxOqLq (Hurry to get it, it won’t be free long!)

For my blog birthday I haven’t decided what to do still, lousy blogger, I know. 😉 But I have TWO ideas!

Number One Is: A reading challenge that starts the 24th of October (blog birthday) and ends November 24th (my birthday), I haven’t decided what the challenge will be yet but am going to make a list for it soon.

Number Two Is: A blog tag which is a new idea I had tonight and will decided on more soon.

But before I pick I want to know what you think!


Here are 5 books I am looking forward to reading soon, have you read them? If so what are your thoughts? If not which would you pick out to read next? (Click the pictures to find out more about the books.)



I have decided that I’ll do a fun and off topic blog post at least once a month and hope you look forward to them.

I’ll also (maybe) be doing a series of 5 book posts, where I post favorites of different genres, least favorite posts, and such. What do you think?


That’s all, I suppose so good night!


What do you think of this post? Do you have a fall to be read list of books? What’s your favorite drink when it’s nearly Autumn?



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