Lit Boxes

My Lit Boxes are built around themes from different novels, the 3D side to various books. A box built to immerse readers into a story.

A lit box is the perfect way to share a bit of the world your book is set with your readers. No matter if it’s filled with a princess that enjoys tea and weaving or a spy escaping the country they betrayed, you can have a ‘lit box’ to share your stories!

There are two kinds of fiction lit boxes!


2-4 things that represent your book and a paperback (or Kindle) copy of your book. This is for your new readers, a box to share your story with new people and get them excited about your books, maybe do in a giveaway.


2-4 things to represent your book. Seeing as your readers, are reading your books and may have their copy this is perfect for readers that already love your book.


If you would like your book to be considered as a coming lit box contact me (by commenting or emailing me at and I’ll get back to you within two weeks, while you wait, feel free to check out my past ‘lit boxes’



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