Blog Tour: Character Spotlight, Character Interview, and a GIVAWAY!

'Today we get to do a character interview and spotlight with Jordy!Jordy McAllenBio: Jordy is a former farm lad from the small village of Keefmore, Scotland who has since become a medical doctor. He worked at McCale House, a home for “simpletons,” for many years, which was a wonderful experience. He loves Scotland, people, and … Continue reading Blog Tour: Character Spotlight, Character Interview, and a GIVAWAY!


Blog Launch: Character Interviews

Today is the second day of my blog launch! What is happening today: A character interview on Julia's blog!! Then you could come back and find another interview with three of the main characters in my WIP! Don't forget the GIVEAWAY!!! (click “giveaway” to enter.) My amazing Mom donated a book lovers tee shirt from … Continue reading Blog Launch: Character Interviews

New Service and Giveaway!

Announcing my newest service ... and a GIVEAWAY to celebrate!I love creating characters and have so many interesting people swirling around in my head, I thought I would offer them to you to jumpstart your own stories. What's my new service offer?Fully developed character, three favorite thing prompts, two random writing prompts and a twenty … Continue reading New Service and Giveaway!

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