The Heirloom

The HeirloomBen Alcott’s thirst for adventure propels him to the skies above the Western front. But brash confidence turns to a struggle for survival when he s downed behind enemy lines–and left to wonder about a budding romance in France.Kate’s determination to break away from the Alcott legacy of faith prompts her to set sail … Continue reading The Heirloom


The Masterpiece

The MasterpieceThe Alcott heritage of faith and courage continues on in the lives of a new generation–Andy and his sister, Meg. But now Andy Alcott’s love threatens to destroy that legacy forever.Andy, a handsome Northern Sailor, is in a turmoil worse than any storm he has ever faced at sea. On a visit to an … Continue reading The Masterpiece

The Tapestry Spotlight

The Tapestry From Tennessee battlefields to the White House itself, this sweeping Civil War epic traces the lives of two brothers–linked by only a broken locket, the people who loved them, and the triumph of faithful prayer.“I was literally unable to put The Tapestry down. My husband, Steve, and  were backstage preparing for a concert, and … Continue reading The Tapestry Spotlight

Book Review, Excerpt, Blog Tour

I love this cover! My Review Genre: Christian, Christmas, Fiction, (AMAZING!!!) My Rating: 5 Stars. Recommendation: I highly recommend this as a family read. My favorite character/s: All of them, I enjoyed this little story soooo much. It was such a cute story that showed the true meaning of Christmas as well as Salvation. I … Continue reading Book Review, Excerpt, Blog Tour

I Don’t Dance Spotlight and Giveaway!

About This Book: This is a beautiful cover, right?Ty and Jen have been friends for nearly as long as anyone can remember. But when Ty goes off to college and leaves her behind, he has to face the reality that he cares for her as more than just a friend. As graduations approaches and with … Continue reading I Don’t Dance Spotlight and Giveaway!

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