A December Bride

A Christmas time wedding brings no joy to Layla, the bride's cousin, who was literally left at the alter by the groom. But she might find her true love when she gains a fake fiancé in the process. A Hallmark Channel original movie.


Hallmark Movie Mondays

A special series of posts for Mondays in December, Hallmark Movie Mondays, in which I will post about hallmark Christmas I like.When champion figure skater Claire becomes injured she is sent to a rehabilitation center in the snowy mountains where she meets and falls for a local ice fisherman who shows her there is more … Continue reading Hallmark Movie Mondays

Posting Hopes (aka schedule)!

I hope to start doing at least a post a day.What do you think of this schedule? Too many posts? Not enough (I beg you to say no!)? Anything else you would like me to post about?I post a verse of Scripture.I post about a movie I like. (This will not be weekly.)I post a … Continue reading Posting Hopes (aka schedule)!

Movie Spotlight

SWALLOWS AND AMAZONS follows four children who dream of escaping from the tedium of a summer holiday. When finally given permission to camp on their own on a remote island in the middle of a vast lake, they are overjoyed. But when they arrive, they discover they may not be alone and a desperate yet … Continue reading Movie Spotlight

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